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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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General Questions

  • What assistive technology is available and how do I borrow it? A complete list of devices can be seen in the Search the Library section. Device requests can be made by a person with a disability or chronic health condition, a family member, friend or advocate, or someone who is helping you with your assistive technology needs (e.g., a therapist, teacher, rehabilitation counselor).

How do I borrow devices from Assistive Technology for Kansans’ Assistive Technology Device Loan System?

  • Select device(s) from the Equipment List based on your search.  If you need help selecting a device, please contact the ATK Device Loan System staff or the Assistive Technology Access Site for your county. Make note of the device name, inventory number, and replacement value. Note: If you are a service provider requesting a device, the loan period may be shorter.
  • Some devices in the ATK Device Loan System require completion of a Professional Consultant Form, which is indicated in the device information in the Equipment List. If you don't already have a support person, you can get help finding one from your regional AT Access Site or find one on your own.  
  • Complete the Device Loan Request Form.
  • You have a choice of using an online "loan cart" (available while browsing the library inventory) and online form to complete the request form.  The form may be submitted electronically or printed and faxed or mailed to the ATK Device Loan System or your regional AT Site.  The form is also available in Spanish or large print versions for printing.
  • If the device is being shipped to or picked up at a large facility, please provide complete information in regard to the floor, suite or room and person to whom it should be delivered / picked up from.  
  • The ATK Device Loan System will notify you of an approximate shipping date. If the item is not immediately available, you will be informed that you will be placed on a waiting list for the item. If the wait time is too long, ATK Device Loan System staff may have ideas about similar items, or other places to see or rent the item.
  • After the device arrives, check the contents as soon as possible. If you notice that a part is not included, report it immediately to the staff at the ATK Device Loan System. If you report a missing item right away, you will not be held responsible for replacing it.
  • Please make a note of the due date that is enclosed with the device. These are the dates that UPS is scheduled to come pick up the device. UPS is contracted to make three pickup attempts, and the first attempt is on the first date listed. When the UPS driver comes to pickup the device, he/she will bring a shipping label, so there is no need to contact UPS. If there is a problem with the UPS pickup, please inform the ATK Device Loan System as soon as possible.
  • When you are packing up the device for its return, please check the contents on the enclosed inventory sheet. Complete the Device Loan Outcomes and Satisfaction Form and put it in the box.

Device Loan Request Form

  • Why do borrowers have to complete a Device Loan Request Form? The Device Loan Request Form is used to let the staff of the ATK Device Loan System know exactly what devices are being requested, and gives us information about who will be using the equipment.
  • What address should I use for delivery? Devices may be shipped to the recipient, to a friend or family member, or to a service provider. Just remember that the individual who signs the form as the "responsible party" in Section 4 of the Request Form is held accountable for the device from the time it is accepted from United Postal Service (UPS).
  • Why does the borrower have to sign the Device Loan Request Form in two places? It is important that the borrower understand his or her responsibilities when borrowing assistive technology devices, some of which are quite expensive. Software companies whose products are in the inventory want borrowers to know that copying or distributing loaned software is against the law. The signature for the Release of Liability is to make sure that none of the parties involved in the administration, supervision, or operation of the ATK Device Loan System will be sued regarding any damages, injury, or losses that occur in connection with a device loan.

Delivery and Pickup of Devices

  • Why can't I get an exact date for delivery or pickup? UPS provides delivery and pickup service for the ATK Device Loan System. They require a three-day "window" for all shipments. When you are notified of an approximate delivery or pickup date, that date will usually be the first day for delivery or pickup.
  • How do I pack up the device for pickup? Every device has an inventory list enclosed in the shipping box. Please compare that list to the items in the box to make sure nothing is missing. Make sure that devices are well padded and firmly situated, particularly fragile items. For devices that have many components or are difficult to pack, there may be a photograph in the kit that shows how items should be packed for shipment. If the items are not adequately packed for return, borrowers may be liable for damage that occurs during shipping.
  • I don't have a shipping label to send something back, should I contact UPS? No. When the UPS driver comes, they will have a label, or call tag for each of the packages being picked up.
  • Is there a charge for unsuccessful UPS attempts at delivery or pickup? There is no charge to borrowers; the ATK Device Loan System is charged for shipping. Borrowers can help contain shipping costs by following the delivery and pickup instructions carefully.
  • Who should I contact if there are problems with delivery or pickup? Contact staff at the ATK Device Loan System (785-827-9383) or your regional AT Access Site (800 KAN DO IT or 800-526-3648).